our fav baby products we actually use daily: zulily edition

Baby Lounger: this product alone has been our saving grace. Jasper prefers it over his swing, bouncer, high chair, carriers, etc. it’s funny bc it literally does nothing but is his favorite!

Nursing Pillow: another saving grace— I’ve used mine since pregnancy to help support my back, as a lap desk, and now for arm support when feeding and Jasper loves to lounge in his.

Play Mat: we were gifted the cutest desert themed play mat for Jasper, and try to get him on it for a few minutes a day— they’re perfect for tummy time and playtime!

browse play mats/gyms: https://zulily.gfpv.net/NKM0gv

Swing: this is a product that most moms can agree they cannot do without; they help give mamas arms a break and soothe baby!

Bouncer: love having options for my baby; this is another holy grail product to help soothe your little babe and to be able to get things done!

Highchair: you won’t necessarily need this until baby is able to sit up but we got one that is suitable for newborn and up; Jasper loves to lay in his for his morning bottle and look out the window. he also sits in it when I’m cleaning the kitchen. surprisingly, he prefers it over his swing and bouncer lol

browse high chairs: https://zulily.gfpv.net/vnJj5d

Changing Basket: definitely one of my favorite finds; it’s beneficial to have a designated changing area.

Diaper Caddy: also very helpful to keep all diapering essentials in one organized space, and can be carried from room-to-room with ease.

browse diaper caddies/organizers: https://zulily.gfpv.net/EaMerP

Reclining Glider Chair: late nights and early mornings call for a comfy chair for mom and dad to rock baby back to sleep!

browse glider chairs: https://zulily.gfpv.net/yRXbJV

Baby Carrier: If your baby is as clingy as mine, you NEED a baby carrier. this is the only way I’m able to get things done most days!

browse baby carriers: https://zulily.gfpv.net/MXMBGJ

Stroller: you should always invest in a good stroller, we have multiple for this reason. safety, comfort, compactness, and other features are ones we look for.

browse strollers: https://zulily.gfpv.net/zaob1M

Baby Monitor: I still use one in my toddlers room, it gives me peace of mind knowing I can just check my phone and make sure they’re okay without disturbing them.

browse baby monitors: https://zulily.gfpv.net/RyMnJg

Velcro + Zipper Swaddles: if you suck at swaddling like us, these will be your BFF. save yourself the struggle and stock up on them!

browse swaddles: https://zulily.gfpv.net/YgMnrR

link to shop all zulily baby gear deals: https://zulily.gfpv.net/kjrMBn

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