minimalist easter basket ideas for toddler (with links)

Hi everyone, Easter is right around the corner and I am proud to say that I finished Miles Easter basket 3 weeks early. I am typically a procrasinator and found shopping the day of for holidays so this is a huge deal, lol! I absolutely love gift giving and usually go all out on holidays for my son and loved ones, but this year I decided to do things a bit differently. I have been in the process of downsizing our belongings and living a more minimalistic life so I did not go all out on toys and junk that Miles won’t even touch twice like I did previous years.

This year, I only got him a few things that I know he will enjoy and appreciate. I want to make his Easter more meaningful this year by creating core memories– I am going to take him to a few egg hunts, make him corny Easter themed foods, do crafts with him, etc. I realized that memories and time are more meaningful to a child than meaningless gifts that will end up on the backshelf.

What’s in Miles Minimalistic Easter Basket?

  • Bunny Ears: I mean, is it really Easter if your little one doesn’t have bunny ears?
  • Wooden eggs: I missed out on Target’s dollar section wooden eggs so I went hunting on amazon and found these which I think are 1000x better. Not only do they come in this cute little carton but 3 of the eggs actually ‘break open’ and have yolks.
  • Mushie Stacking Cups: I have an obsession with all things Mushie which is why I had to add these to Miles basket. He currently loves to stack things as tall as he can and then knock them over so I know these will be a hit!
  • Fabric Carrots: Although these are not a neccesity whatsoever, they are so cute and a perfect edition to his Ikea kitchen which I will be rennovating within the next couple months and making it a montessori kitchen set.
  • Wooden Tool Box: I just had to get this set as I am starting to transition him to wooden and montesorri toys, especially with his growing obsession for tools.
  • Fun fact: Miles likes to take things apart and put them back together. One day I caught him taking the hinges off his door… I wish I was joking.
  • Peeps: You cannot forget the Peeps. I personally am not a fan of them but they are a staple.

Not pictured:

I also got him these art supplies which I didn’t take pictures of because I gave them to him early (oops).

I would love to know what your Easter traditions are! Have you started to think about what you’ll be putting into your little ones baskets this year? Let me know on either Instagram or the comments below. 🐣 And don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss out on my weekly posts. Next week will feature some delicious Easter themed recipes.

If you’re looking for more ideas, I’ve connected with some amazing bloggers to share some Easter baskets for the littles! Small shops, minimal, dollar spot & more! Head to each of their blogs to get some inspiration 🧺🌸🐣

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