Help Miles Get to NYC

Everywhere we go we get stopped by people to compliment Miles- from his hair to his outfits. We have been told by hundreds of people that he needs to get into modeling since he was only a few months old. Not to mention, he’s been extremely photogenic since he was a baby. He loves being in front of the camera, shopping for new clothes with his dad and being the center of attention. As interested as we were to get Miles into such a successful industry in which we knew he’d thrive, we didn’t know where to even begin…

Until recently, when Miles was recently selected to work for the #1 modeling agency in the US for children located in New York City; and it is an opportunity of a lifetime for him. Not only will it benefit him now, but it will help ensure he has a better future. If it turns out to be something he continues to love and enjoy as he grows older, it can become a permanent career for him. It opens many doors of opportunity for him- he will be able to work with big brands such as Ralph Lauren, Gap, Disney and more!

As excited as we are, we are asking for help with the start up costs to start our sons career in the modeling (and show biz) industry.

What Will The Donations Go Toward?

All the donations we receive will be used toward the start of his career, as we have to build his portfolio which requires a professional photo shoot with his fashion photographer, some outfits for his photo shoot, traveling costs to get to NYC and stay for multiple days of work, etc.

After we have these costs covered, it’s all up for him as he will be able to be featured on multiple platforms and start accepting paid modeling gigs.

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What is a Modeling Portfolio?

A modeling portfolio is the collection of photographs that were taken to show the models range and capabilities. It consists of headshots with various facial expressions, full body shots, etc.

Miles modeling portfolio is what will land him all the jobs. His modeling agency will submit his portfolio to various agencies, brands, and companies to showcase who Miles is, and why they should work with him.

This is the most important investment in beginning Miles career in the modeling industry. Hence, why we have to put a bit of money into his photo shoot with his fashion photographer to start his portfolio.

Benefits of This Opportunity

  • exposure to the creative world
  • builds self-esteem
  • develops positive work ethic
  • make money that we will save for him to use for college, a car, etc. when he grows up
  • ability to travel

If you are interested in contributing to kickstart his career, you can donate here 🖤 If you cannot do that, you can show your support by sharing, liking and/or commenting. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for helping my sons dream become a reality.

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